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A half-industrial city——the prosperity and transformation of the special automobile family

发布者: 隋意 |查看: 193689 | |来自: 随州日报 2018-9-21 09:15 | Posted by: Sui Yi | Views: 193689 | | From: Suizhou Daily
Suizhou Network News reporter Liu Shishi correspondent He Zhiguo

Special Automobile Promenade

China · Suizhou Special Automobile Expo · Photos in this edition were taken by our reporter Li Wenjun ·
An industrial half city, Suizhou enjoys a good reputation for its special automobile.
Starting from three special-purpose automobile factories in the 1960s, today's Suizhou has developed into an industrial base with the most complete varieties of special-purpose vehicles, the most distinctive features, and the most abundant resources in the country, with output accounting for about 10% of the country.
The 40 years of reform and opening up have been the 40 years of the booming Suizhou special automobile industry.
In the early autumn season, the reporter visited Suizhou Special Automobile Industry to see how it went all the way.

Development: 50 years of pillar industries
Suizhou is a model of industry-city integration. Throughout the development over the past half century, Suizhou Special Automobile Industry has gone through a difficult development process from the restructuring of state-owned enterprises to the formation of industrial clusters, from a single shadow to a full bloom.
In the 1960s, Suizhou successively built three special-purpose automobile plants in Hubei Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Plant (Chufeng), Hubei Chile Automobile Co., Ltd. and Hubei Tianfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. Since then, it has opened up a 50-year relationship with the specialty automobile industry.
Suizhou special automobile industry experienced three development stages: 1960s-2000 was the initial cultivation stage. Chufeng and other three special automobile factories nurtured talents and markets for R & D design, production and sales for the special automobile industry; 2001 ——In 2005, it was a painful stage of system reform. Through deepening corporate reforms, rationalizing property rights relations, catalysing market players, and creating a nationwide well-known special vehicle production base, the number of special automobile companies exceeded 100, and the output value was close to 10 billion. Pillar industries in the city; 2006 is the stage of cluster development. During this period, the private economy developed vigorously, and the specialty automobile industry was listed as a provincial key growth industry cluster, and its comprehensive strength leapt to the forefront of the country.
In December 2007, Suizhou was awarded the title of "China's Special Automobile Capital" by the China Machinery Industry Federation; in June 2012, the construction of the "Sacred Car Capital" was written into the report of the ten party congresses of the province; in 2017, the special automobile industry was included Provincial growth of important characteristic industries. Li Xiping, director of the Municipal Automobile Office, said: "A series of high-level promotion of provincial and ministerial strategies has opened a new chapter in the construction of the special automobile capital. With the special automobile industry in the state, it is moving from an age of cost to an era of quality, innovation and intelligence.
Today, the 30-kilometer "special auto promenade" runs through Suizhou, and there are 180 companies above the designated auto size. The city has formed an annual production capacity of 200,000 special vehicles, 20,000 new energy vehicles, 100,000 chassis, 100,000 bodywork, 1 million tons of castings, and 10 million wheels, capable of producing body, brake disc, More than 1,500 specifications of auto parts such as wheels, etc., account for 30% of the city's total industrial output value. Special vehicle announcements account for 80% of the country's total.
In Suizhou, a quarter of households are connected to the special automobile, and there are 100,000 industrial workers. The special automobile culture formed in the past 50 years has been deeply implanted in the hearts of Suizhou people and integrated into all aspects of Suizhou's economy and society. "From trailers to modified cars, from independent research and development to joint venture cooperation, from domestic sales of products to going abroad, there are many hardships of entrepreneurship behind the gorgeous turns!" Hengtian Xin Chufeng Party Committee member and union chairman He Weidong from 1985 He has been working in the field of special automobile, he lamented, "I really did not expect Suizhou special automobile industry can grow to the current scale!"
Fifty years of change, from traditional manual workshops to mechanization and intelligence, the machine has changed several rounds, and the products have changed generations. All the way, we have witnessed Suizhou won the "National High-tech Industrial Base for Special Purpose Vehicles" and "National Emergency Demonstration Vehicle Industry Demonstration Base" "National Demonstration Zone for Quality Improvement of Special Purpose Vehicles" and other honors.

Enterprises: flowering cluster development everywhere
Following the tide of reform and opening up, and in the context of encouraging the development of the private economy, China's private-owned automobile enterprises have emerged as the times require. Provincial refitting factories, Tianfeng, Chile and other enterprises after the restructuring of employees, because of their extensive experience in sales, technology and other aspects, has become the city's main force in the field of entrepreneurship in the special automobile industry.
In 2000, the former Tianfeng Company employee Wang Huanyi and others founded the Aerospace Ssangyong Company. It is the first private enterprise in Hubei Province and the second in China to have special vehicle production qualifications. After the original Chile Group went bankrupt, in order to maintain the qualification of modified car production and re-employment of laid-off workers, in 2004, Chen Gangzhan and other 45 former enterprise employees contributed 10.8 million yuan to form Warwick Special Automobile Company. Subsequently, a number of private special-purpose automobile enterprises, such as Jiangnan Special Automobile and Dali Special Automobile, sprung up and became the main force of the special automobile industry in our city.
In the early days of the business, the market prospects were good, and the supply of Suizhou special auto products was in short supply. However, after a period of time, due to difficulties in financing, backward equipment, and low technology research and development, the advantages of Suizhou Zhuanqi were not obvious. As a result, Suizhou people began to think and plan new countermeasures.
In 2004, Hubei Yuantong Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. cooperated with Dongfeng Motor to form Dongfeng Suizhou Special Purpose Vehicle Company, which opened up a history of Suizhou mixed ownership enterprises. Professional equipment and advanced technology make the company's production capacity reach the industry-leading level. Zhang Jianhua, the company's former party committee secretary, said: "This hybrid state-owned + privately-owned company is full of vitality and has made local grass-roots companies shine."
One stone provoked thousands of waves, and more than 50 well-known companies such as China National Heavy Duty Truck, China Hengtian, and Xiamen Heavy Industry came here in rush to catch up with Suizhou. The prelude to the cooperation and reorganization of the city's specialized automobile enterprises and large state-owned enterprises has begun, forming a nationally-recognized "Suizhou model."
Merger and reorganization, revitalized the stock, strengthened the total volume, activated private capital, and realized the fission-like development of the state-owned automobile industry. In 2017, the city's special automobile industry output value exceeded 35.5 billion, of which 11 "hybrid enterprises" accounted for nearly one-third of the output value, becoming the "main force" to lead the development of Suizhou special automobile industry.
Since 2016, Guanqun Chifeng Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has gradually carried out equity cooperation with Junhao Special Automobile, Jiuding Automobile and Wuhuan Special Automobile. , "Five Unity" of sales, financial management. All orders won by the three companies are all divided according to advantages, avoiding homogeneous competition. Established a chassis cooperative, absorbing 8 companies such as Aolong, Hongyu, and Dongzheng to join the group to realize the group purchase of the chassis, which significantly reduced the capital cost. Zhou Qianjun, general manager of Junhao Special Automobile, said: "Group development management is more standardized, and we have more energy to invest in product development and quality improvement. This year, the production and sales of our three companies can double from last year."
At present, there are 40 qualified automobile enterprises in the city, and the advantages of specialized automobile clusters continue to expand. Chengli Group's low-speed trucks were successfully upgraded to complete commercial vehicles. The city's vehicle qualification companies reached 2 and the vehicle production capacity reached 4 companies. The position of the regional cluster leader has been further consolidated. This year, Chengli Group was shortlisted again in the top 500 Chinese private enterprises. Cheng Alu, general manager of Chengli Group, said: "The vehicle will be driven by special vehicles, and intelligent manufacturing will promote standardization, standardization and automation, and promote enterprises from traditional remodeling companies to modern manufacturing. Enterprises are transforming from scale benefits to quality benefits. "

Transformation: Lightweight, green, intelligent, spawning "high precision"
XCMG Chusheng aluminum alloy tank trucks are designed to reduce their weight. Each vehicle can be filled with 4 to 5 tons of oil. Hengtian Xin Chufeng has the most automated new energy flexible production line in China, with an annual production of 15,000 new energy vehicles. Vehicles; Qixing Group robot welding workshop, industrial robot welding is precise and beautiful, and the overall production efficiency is increased by more than 50% compared to manual welding ...
Recently, our city has been striving to build a special auto industry with a growth pole, and has vigorously promoted the construction of a 100 billion yuan industry for special vehicles and parts. Through the large-scale technological transformation and capacity expansion, the special automobile industry has developed in the direction of light weight, greenness and intelligence, and has accumulated strong development potential. From January to August, the output value of the special automobile industry reached 24.28 billion yuan, an increase of 15.3% year-on-year, and the production of special vehicles was 84,000, an increase of 24.2% year-on-year. The situation is gratifying.
XCMG Chusheng has introduced a professional R & D team for aluminum alloy tank trucks, which has invested more than 20 million yuan to purchase equipment. Once the product has been successfully developed, it will be in short supply. The company's development of intelligent new lightweight slag truck products and continuous improvement of aluminum alloy tank truck series products have met market demand, and sales orders have steadily increased. Xu Zhenggang, the company's general manager, said: "Lightweight design has increased the added value of the product, and the company's competitiveness and operating efficiency have been improved." In addition to Xugong Chusheng, 12 companies including Lishen Zhuanqi and Yuchai Dongte obtained aluminum alloys. Tanker production qualifications have steadily shifted to lightweight.
The city vigorously implements the "Made in China 2025 Strategy" to accelerate the "machine substitution". Many companies such as Qixing, Hengtian and Dongfeng Wheel are involved in the field of intelligence, and intelligent products such as intelligent sewage suction vehicles, dust suppression vehicles, and joint dredging vehicles have been developed and applied. At present, projects such as Qixing ’s intelligent tank robot welding and intelligent data mold project, Dongfeng Wheel Intelligent Robot, and XCMG Chusheng automated aluminum tank welding production line are rapidly progressing. Cheng Tao, deputy secretary and deputy general manager of Qixing Group, said: "Continuously improving the level of intelligent, lightweight and environmentally friendly body is the industry's development direction and Qixing's pursuit." Li Xiping said that the pilot demonstration will be strengthened. The top 10 companies that are willing to intelligently upgrade will be paid by the government to do intelligent planning and design to promote the intelligent and networked upgrade of the special automobile industry.
Seizing the “air vent” of new energy, the special automobile enterprises in our city accelerated the deployment of new energy vehicles. Hengtian New Chufeng takes “intelligent” logistics as its core technology and pure electric logistics vehicles as its main product. The production and sales of new energy vehicles are booming. This year, the company will strive to achieve the goal of producing and selling 20,000 special vehicles with an output value of 3 billion yuan. Zhang Wenbao, general manager of the company, said: "It is expected that by the 13th Five-Year Plan, an annual output of 30,000 sets of key components of pure electric vehicles and an annual production capacity of 50,000 new energy vehicles and chassis will be formed." On the road of new energy development, the sales of various products are rising rapidly, and it is estimated that the annual output value will increase by 1 billion yuan. The company invested 1.2 billion yuan to build new processing workshops and technology centers. After completion, it can produce 50,000 light trucks and 3,000 new energy vehicles annually. Donghe Automobile Technology Industrial Park invested 1.2 billion yuan to build new charging stations and chassis production pilot plants, etc. After completion, it can produce 5,000 new energy chassis and 10,000 special vehicles.
With the help of lightweight, green, and intelligent, "high-precision" products continue to emerge. The new intelligent muck truck independently developed by Sinotruk Warwick has a domestic market share of 16.8% and holds 4 utility model patents. In addition, Qixing's automobile bodies, Xingong Chusheng's refueling vehicles, Runli's special-purpose dust suppression vehicle (for railways), and Chengli's modified tank cars have all been listed in the province's pillar industries. Sub-sector invisible champion. According to statistics, Suizhou currently has more than 30 types of special-purpose vehicles, which have reached international and domestic advanced levels, and many have filled domestic gaps. Chen Yong, general manager of Sinotruk Warwick, said: "It will continue to follow the development path of" specialized and super high "and strive to be the singles champion."
Xu Guangxi, director of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, said: "We will continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of the special automobile industry towards lighter weight, greener and smarter directions, and accelerate the march to the 100 billion industry."

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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