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Towards High-Precision-Zengdu Specialized Automobile Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Visit

发布者: 隋意 |查看: 206351 | |来自: 随州日报 2018-10-22 09:19 | Posted by: Sui Yi | Views: 206351 | | From: Suizhou Daily
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Laser cutting, automatic welding, remote monitoring ... this is the real scene of some front-line auto companies in Zengdu District.
In the early stage of the development of the special automobile industry, manual knocking was the main form of processing. The material cutting and welding is an indispensable link in the production of special steam, and it is also an important link in determining the quality of the product. In order to seize the opportunity in the market, in recent years, some specialized automobile companies in this area have been paying close attention to the improvement and upgrading of production processes and processing equipment, and equipped various intelligent equipment to the production line. While improving production efficiency and product quality, The automobile industry is gradually bidding farewell to the era of percussion and manual work, and has realized a transformation to high-end precision.
Walking into the sanitation vehicle production workshop of Runli Company, the arc was shining, the welding was splashing, and the swing arm welding equipment with rotating function was working, instead of manual arc welding. In addition to the rocker welding equipment, a multifunctional manipulator equipment is installed in place, allowing the exterior of the sanitation car body to fully realize automatic welding.
"At the beginning of the year, the company invested more than 2 million yuan, added new equipment, increased the degree of automation of product production, avoided potential safety hazards caused by manual operations, and improved production efficiency. The use of multiple automated equipment allowed the company to produce products Quality is even more energetic. "Luo Zhengzhou, deputy general manager of Runli said.
In the workshop of Dali Company, the sound of the machine was roaring, the order was tense, the flames were dazzling and the sound was loud. Mao Wentao, engineer of the technical department, introduced: "In order to improve cutting accuracy, the company invested more than 3 million yuan in new laser cutting equipment this year. The main advantages of this laser cutting equipment are high positioning accuracy and high cutting accuracy. This is a high-tech for the automotive industry. Equipment. "It is reported that with the application of new laser equipment, the company's traditional plasma cutting and flame cutting equipment withdrew from the processing link. The advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption and good precision made the company feel that the investment was worth the money.
Manual water changes into automatic water, a baffle and a socket solve the safety problem. In the intelligent processing workshop of Sanhuan Foundry Company, the workers exerted their ingenuity and improved the production process. Each technological innovation made the use of robots smoother, more integrated with the production process, and gave new kinetic energy.
"In the case of traditional processing, there were at least 8 people in this line. Now with the addition of intelligent robots, one line has reduced its labor by half and the output has increased. Under the original manual situation, it can only do 500 to one day. 600 pieces, now with the addition of intelligent robots, it can reach 700 to 800 a day, and the production capacity has increased by more than a third. "Said Li Yunchao, director of the intelligent workshop of Sanhuan Foundry Company.
At present, the laser welding equipment installed and installed by Jiangnan Special Automobile Co., Ltd. has been put into use. Sinotruk Warwick products are equipped with remote monitoring equipment ... Zengdu some specialty auto companies have been driven by innovation and upgrading. Intelligent workshops, industrial robots and other intelligent and automated equipment have gradually been upgraded. Enter the workshop. Intelligent manufacturing leads a new direction of development, and the transition to a high-precision state is actively striving to become the leader in Suizhou's efforts to build a 100-billion-characteristic industry with special autos and lay a solid foundation.

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