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Development and expansion of privately owned private automobiles to promote the construction of emergency industrial bases-Interview with Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy General Manager of Chengli Automobile Group ...

发布者: 隋意 |查看: 156565 | |来自: 随州日报 2019-5-22 10:05 | Publisher: Sui Yi | View: 156565 | | From: Suizhou Daily
Development and expansion of privately owned private automobiles to promote the construction of emergency industrial bases
——Interview with Cheng Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy General Manager of Chengli Automobile Group

Interviewed guests: Cheng Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy General Manager of Chengli Automobile Group

Moderator: Liu Jia

各位网友,上午好! Moderator: Good morning, netizens! This is the online interview platform of Suizhou Government Website and Suizhou News Network . I'm the host Liu Jia. On November 1 , 2018 , General Secretary Xi Jinping hosted a private enterprise forum and delivered an important speech, emphasizing the need to unwaveringly encourage and support the development of the non-public ownership economy, support the development of private enterprises, and move towards a wider stage. General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech aroused warm response from all walks of life, not only encouraged the vast number of private entrepreneurs, but also showed the outside world's firm determination to adhere to the basic economic system and continue to create Chinese miracles. Today, we are very pleased to welcome Comrade Cheng Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy General Manager of Chengli Automobile Group. In the next program, Cheng will always communicate with netizens around “developing and expanding private private cars to promote the construction of emergency industrial bases”. Hello, Mr. Cheng, welcome to our interview program.
主持人好,各位网友,大家好! Cheng Guoqiang: Hello host, everyone, everyone! My name is Cheng Guoqiang. I am very grateful to Suizhou Government Website and Suizhou News Network for setting up such an interactive platform. I am also very happy to use this opportunity to communicate with the majority of netizens. Sincerely welcome everyone to provide more valuable suggestions. Thank you.
好的,那么首先请程总给我们的网友介绍一下,程力集团的主营业务有哪些? Liu Jia: Okay, then first please Mr. Cheng introduce to our netizens. What are the main businesses of Chengli Group? How is the production situation this year?
程力汽车集团公司主要业务有汽车、金融、教育、投资等四大板块 . 核心业务主要是汽车制造 . 细化分类为专用汽车、商用汽车、新能源汽车和应急产业的装备制造 . 公司自 2004 年成立以来,到今年已有 15 个年头,我们始终如一专心、专业、专注于汽车主业,全力以赴紧紧围绕随州市发展专汽工业强市的战略,把专汽的发展和建设 , 当做助推应急产业基地建设的重要抓手 , 为随州市 2025 实现千亿专汽应急产业宏大目标而奋进争先。 Cheng Guoqiang: The main business of Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd. includes four major sectors : automotive, finance, education, and investment . The core business is mainly automobile manufacturing . It is divided into special equipment, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles, and emergency equipment manufacturing . The company Since its establishment in 2004 , it has been 15 years since this year. We have been concentrating, professional, and focused on the main automobile industry. We are fully committed to the strategy of developing a strong automobile industry in Suizhou City, and integrating the development of specialty automobile industry with Construction , as an important starting point for boosting the construction of the emergency industrial base , is striving to achieve the ambitious goal of Suizhou City 2025 to achieve the 100 billion yuan special automobile emergency industry ambitious goal.
The Chengli Group's main automotive products cover 12 series, more than 600 varieties, and more than 1,200 announcements . In 2018 , the output value of special autos and emergency industrial equipment alone exceeded 5 billion yuan, and 60,000 special autos were produced and sold , becoming a veritable national name. Leading enterprises in the production of special auto emergency equipment have been shortlisted among the top 500 private enterprises in China for many years , ranking fourth in the private manufacturing industry in Hubei Province. The Chengliwei brand has been rated as a Hubei Provincial Famous Product and a Well-known Trademark in China.
In the first four months of this year , Chengli Special Automobile and emergency industrial equipment manufacturing continued to grow rapidly and have achieved sales revenue of nearly 2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32% . In the context of the general slowdown of the special automobile industry in the country, it has grown against the trend, It has made a good effect and made great contributions to the construction and development of Suizhou's special automobile and emergency industry.
刚才程总给我们简单的介绍了一下程力集团主营业务,也看到了目前我们专汽行业在普遍环境放缓的大环境下,我们的成立集团的发展势头强劲, 生产绩效顶风上行。 Liu Jia: Mr. Cheng just gave us a brief introduction to the main business of the Chengli Group. We also saw that our special automobile industry is currently under a general environment where the general environment is slowing down. Our established group has a strong development momentum and top production performance. Up. What is Cheng Li's development concept and thinking in the development of the special automobile industry as one of the top 100 private enterprises in China?
大家都知道,随州作为中国专汽之都,专用汽车产业聚集度高,建市以来,专用汽车产业飞速发展,产业结构得到有效调整。 Cheng Guoqiang: Everyone knows that Suizhou, as the capital of China's special automobile industry, has a high concentration of special-purpose automobile industry. Since the establishment of the city, the special-purpose automobile industry has developed rapidly and the industrial structure has been effectively adjusted. In such a large-scale environment, Chengli Company formulated its own development ideas and ideas according to local conditions.
All the cadres and employees of Chengli Group are united and inspiring, insisting on the combination of special automobile and emergency, emergency and far-reaching, and always implement the 3 * 3 development strategy based on the concept of "adhering to party leadership, adhering to corporate development, and adhering to honest management" The “13th Five-Year Plan” development plan and the goals of the struggle have been determined to ensure the complete completion of the expected goals . In the process of enterprise development , we have always maintained the solid foundation of the special automobile industry and set out to enter the commercial vehicle and new energy vehicle industry. , Expand the development index and weight of the emergency industry, such as the development and upgrade of emergency power emergency vehicles, large truck-mounted cranes, various types of wreckers, emergency command vehicles, new energy smart grid emergency special vehicles, and special vehicles and emergency vehicles. The market proportion and terminal holdings have become increasingly prominent, and many varieties have leapt to the leading position in the industry.
This is what we proposed "to drive the development of commercial vehicles with the development of special vehicles, the development of chassis and parts with the development of complete vehicles, the development of new energy vehicles with the development of technological innovation, and the emergency industry with the development of special automobiles. "Development" is the starting point of the strategy.
According to this general idea, we take supply-side reform as a breakthrough point, use the market and problem reversal mechanism , improve quality and increase efficiency, transform and upgrade, and give full play to the Group's advantages in research and development, manufacturing, production qualifications, financial investment, and sales platforms . Bringing cluster scale effects . From traditional conversion to mid-to-high-end standardization and automatic intelligent manufacturing, from low-efficiency and high-energy consumption to green development, cornering overtaking, evolution from scale-efficient to sustainable development, year after year To make Cheng Li an important force in China's special automobile and emergency industries. Many varieties such as municipal sanitation and emergency ranked first in the industry, and the market share of some single products was close to 25% . Chengli Manufacturing moved forward with strong resilience.
民营经济作为我国经济发展的重要支柱,各级党委政府高度重视。 Liu Jia: As an important pillar of China's economic development, the private economy attaches great importance to party committees and governments at all levels. In December last year , our city issued 20 articles to support the development of the private economy. What do you think is good for the development of private enterprises? Any suggestions?
习近平总书记在民营企业座谈会上的重要讲话,句句温暖人心,凝聚民意 . 总书记讲,民营企业家是自己人,中国不仅要坚持公有制,更要大力发展民营经济;党中央、国务院相继出台了一系列促进民营经济健康发展的利好政策,省市地方党委政府对民营经济发展的配套措施和文件,特别是随州市发展民营经济二十条,对程力公司发展不仅增强很大的信心,也实实在在为我们企业发展带来了接地气的利好政策。 Cheng Guoqiang: General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important speech at the private enterprise symposium, which warms people ’s hearts and unites public opinion . The General Secretary said that private entrepreneurs are their own. China not only insists on public ownership, but also vigorously develops the private economy. The State Council has successively introduced a series of favorable policies to promote the healthy development of the private economy. The supporting measures and documents for the development of the private economy by the provincial and municipal party committees and governments, especially the 20 articles on the development of the private economy in Suizhou City, have not only greatly enhanced the development of Chengli. The confidence of the company has indeed brought favorable policies for the development of our company. For example, lowering taxes and fees to reduce corporate costs, solving financing problems to enhance the competitiveness of private enterprises , and strengthening the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises . Policies such as stimulating investment vitality have encouraged private entrepreneurs, such as Mu Chunfeng. The good policy has increased the original motivation for us and inspired a greater enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and business. We have increased our confidence in devoting ourselves to development and focusing on the cause .
至于建议,我个人认为:一是要整合专汽及应急产业资源走集约化、集团化发展路径,扶优扶强壮大行业整体实力,使随州的汽车工业和应急产业具有较强的市场竞争力;二是要建立科技创新专项产业发展基金,增加科技创新的实际投入,鼓励企业走规模化高质量发展之路。 5 As for the suggestion, I personally believe that: First, we must integrate the resources of the special automobile and emergency industries and follow the path of intensive and group development, and help strengthen the overall strength of the industry, so that Suizhou's automobile industry and emergency industry have strong market competition. The second is to establish a special industrial development fund for scientific and technological innovation, increase the actual investment in scientific and technological innovation, and encourage enterprises to take the road of large-scale and high-quality development. The third is to increase policy support for the integrated development of production and education, and to train Suizhou's industrial army and scientific research personnel with sufficient qualifications and skills.
市委市政府提出打造应急产业基地和产业新城,作为随州专用产业的领军企业,随州专汽产业该走向何方? Liu Jia: The municipal party committee and government proposed to build an emergency industrial base and a new industrial city. As a leading enterprise in Suizhou's special industry, where should Suizhou's special automobile industry go? In what ways can we make an effort to sound the capital of China's special automobile industry?
市委市政府提出的打造应急产业基地和产业新城,其内涵和外延更加广义与丰富 .产业新城的主要支柱还是以专汽作为重中之重,专汽的配套和产业链延伸,经过十多年的培育与发展,已经十分完备和成熟,专汽产业蓬勃发展的态势和实力,得到了政府职能部门的认可和消费者的信赖,这个趋势是不可逆转的。 Cheng Guoqiang: The contingency and extension of the emergency industrial base and industrial new city proposed by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government are broader and richer . The main pillar of the new industrial city is to focus on the special automobile. The years of cultivation and development have been very complete and mature. The trend and strength of the booming specialty automobile industry has been recognized by government departments and trusted by consumers. This trend is irreversible. The establishment of an emergency industrial base is inseparable from the strong support of the special automobile industry. Emergency products and equipment are just branches of the specialized automobile industry and industrial extension and superposition. With the deep integration of the Internet and the continuous progress of technological innovation, it may also develop into an independent industrial category in the future.
As a participant in a special automobile production enterprise, I personally believe that we should follow a path of deep integration of the Internet + special automobile + emergency industry, and integrate 5G technology, intelligent driving, intelligent rescue, intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence. Big data. Cloud technology and other cutting-edge technologies. Effective combination, make the special auto products and emergency equipment products more humane, intelligent and convenient, make these products have temperature, learn, self-renewal and iteration become smarter, so that the integration and development of the two industries complement each other Promote each other . First , proceed from standardization and standardization, and gradually develop towards automation and intelligence. Allow consumers and users to gradually get rid of the early understanding of Suizhou conversion. As long as the strategic positioning is improved , Suizhou's special automobile and emergency industry will definitely usher in the best development tomorrow and polish the gold signboard of the capital of China's special automobile .
市委书记陈瑞峰提出,要让产业有品质的成长。 Liu Jia: Chen Ruifeng, secretary of the municipal party committee, proposed that the industry should grow with quality. What do you think the industry needs to do to achieve quality growth? What kind of business environment is created?
产业要实现有品质的成长,不仅仅是政府单方面的事情,它一定是个庞大的社会系统工程 . 首先作为政府序列的规划者和管理者必须提供一流的有品质的指引和服务;二是产业生产厂家作为产品的设计者、制造者,要牢固树立质量第一、品质优先的宗旨 ;第三就是我们的服务和消费舆论导向,树立品质意识并传递正能量。 Cheng Guoqiang: To achieve qualitative growth of the industry, it is not only a matter for the government to unilaterally, it must be a huge social system project . First of all, planners and managers of the government sequence must provide first-class quality guidance and services; Industrial manufacturers, as product designers and manufacturers, must firmly establish the purpose of quality first and quality first ; the third is our service and consumer opinion orientation, establish quality awareness and pass positive energy. Let all sectors of society permeate the quality consciousness in every aspect and every detail of life, so that our industry can grow with quality, instead of blindly trying to seize the market, and disorderly buying and selling at low prices.
今年程力集团启动新厂三期建设,布局中重卡和新能源车项目,在未来发展的路上,程力还有哪些规划? Liu Jia: This year, the Chengli Group started the third phase of the construction of a new plant and laid out heavy-duty trucks and new energy vehicle projects. What plans does Chengli have for future development?
程力汽车集团商用车工业园三期工程建设,是程力汽车产业布局中的重头戏之一。 Cheng Guoqiang: The construction of the third phase of Chengli Automobile Group's commercial vehicle industrial park is one of the highlights of Chengli's automobile industry layout. The project is planned to invest 350 million yuan, with a construction area of 130,000 square meters. Construction will begin in early 2019 and is expected to be completed in 2020 . After the project is put into production, the annual output will be 20,000 medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, high-end special-purpose vehicles and new energy vehicles; the annual output value will increase by 1.5 billion yuan, and 500 jobs will be solved . At present, the investment of 120 million yuan has been completed , the third-phase land leveling is underway, and the piling of the main office building designed for 17 floors is under construction.
The future development idea is to "build a century-long force, 10 billion enterprises " as the development goal, improve product and equipment capabilities, strengthen the cultivation and introduction of technical personnel, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, specialize in special models. New energy vehicles and commercial The company's vehicle products excavate kinetic energy and power, continuously improve Chengli's well-known brands, enhance its competitiveness in participating in the international market, and maintain a sustainable and healthy enterprise. Harmonious and stable development. Make due contributions to the construction of Suizhou's new industrial city and emergency industrial base.
好的,今天的节目到这里就接近尾声了,感谢各位网友的参与,也非常感谢程总做客我们访谈节目,谢谢您。 Liu Jia: Okay, today ’s program is nearing its end. Thank you for your participation, and thank you very much for our interview with Mr. Cheng. Thank you.
谢谢! Cheng Guoqiang: Thank you!

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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