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Respond to the voices of citizens and solve the pain points of people's livelihood

发布者: 随州日报 |查看: 6681 | 2019-11-22 16:23 | Posted by: Suizhou Daily | View: 6681 |

Suizhou Daily Chen Xiaolin

Today, the secretary of the municipal party committee Chen Ruifeng made an unannounced report about the “odor” disturbing the people in the urban area of Suizhou, and became an explosion article on Suizhou's local online media. Netizens have followed up, or extended to reflect problems, like, or suggest.

An administrative report, why did the Internet users get such enthusiastic feedback? Because the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee made an unannounced visit to the Supervisory Office, he caught a hot and painful issue that concerns people's livelihood.

In the recent period of time, citizens in the southern area of Suizhou have repeatedly reported the problem of air "odor" pollution. However, some departments and enterprises have failed to perform their duties and performed responsibilities. After a long delay, the public has a lot of opinions.

There are no trivial issues in people's livelihood. The unannounced visits and inspections by the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee revealed the problems, clarified the specific measures for rectification and the goals to be achieved, waved the real hammer of the rectification to the problem of air odor, and the citizens' expectations of breathing fresh air are expected to be realized.

Urban governance is complex and cannot be achieved overnight; moreover, different groups often have different interests for the same issue. How to proceed? The most important thing is to strengthen the people-centered development ideology, focus on the fundamental interests of the broadest masses of the people, and focus on the most direct and most realistic issues of interest to the masses. Correctly handling the relationship between development and environmental protection, we must never use the damage to the ecological environment in exchange for the temporary development of the economy, and we must not affect the normal life of the people because of enterprise production.

In response to the voices of the citizens, to solve the pain points of the people's livelihood, one thing after another, and one year after another. In this way, our cities will become warmer, and citizens ’lives will be happier.

"People have a steelyard in their hearts. We put the people in our hearts, and the people will put us in our hearts." Daozhijian, General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s teachings, is the fundamental observance of our urban governance.

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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