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Boldly use cadres who dare to do good

发布者: 隋意 |查看: 6933 | |来自: 随州日报 2019-12-2 09:40 | Posted by: Sui Yi | Views: 6933 | | From: Suizhou Daily
Sui Zuwen
Recently, 51 cadres who "dared to take good deeds" in our city have been promoted or further used. This is an important measure to study and implement the important discussion of the selection and employment of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the construction of a high-quality professional cadre team. The practical actions of the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Ninth Central Committee of the Ninth Central Committee of the CPC and perfecting the role as an incentive mechanism fully reflected the political role of the municipal party committee in selecting and using cadres for the cause of the party and the people.
The key to promoting high-quality economic and social development lies in the party, the people, and the selection and use of cadres. In the middle of this year, the Municipal Party Committee organized an investigation team to focus on the situation of the cadres in each county (city, district) and 73 municipal departments for more than two months. A total of 156 cadres who "dare to be good" were initially found. After the Municipal Party Committee's batch of judgements and careful study and decision, 51 people have been promoted or further used. In the next step, the municipal party committee will adjust the equipment in conjunction with the city management leadership team. From there, it will also prioritize the selection and use of a batch, promotion of rank treatment to encourage a batch, exchange rotation training batches, learning and training to improve batches, so that "dare to be good" cadres. At that time, use it in its place and use its strengths to establish a clear guidance for hard work.
Dare to assume good deeds is the basic political character and quality requirements of leading cadres. In recent years, the Municipal Party Committee has clearly adopted the "Dare to Do Good" process throughout the entire process of selecting and employing people, and has introduced measures to encourage and care for grassroots cadres. The "22 Articles" and other measures have been implemented to conduct grassroots work style inspections, "visit the people, discuss civil affairs, The "combined boxing" activities such as "solving people's difficulties", "saying things on four occasions", the construction of a new era civilization practice center, and the united front work at the grassroots level have promoted the continuous improvement of the political ecology and the apparent improvement of the party style and political style. But we must also be soberly aware that among some cadres around us, there are still phenomena of insufficient motivation, "not wanting to do", insufficient ability to "do not do", and inadequate "doing not do". To solve these problems, we must focus on the selection, training, management, and use of cadres, and coordinate and coordinate with each other to accurately implement the policy. We must select and use good cadres who "dare to do good deeds" to become cadres of party members at all levels. Value pursuit.
Leading cadres who dare to perform good deeds must be loyal and clean, emancipate their minds, be good at planning and competent, dare to take on responsibility, have outstanding performance, and be recognized by the masses. Loyalty and cleanliness means building up the "four consciousnesses", firming the "four self-confidences", achieving "two safeguards", loyalty to the party, and integrity. The emancipation of the mind is to have agile thinking, clear thinking, broad vision, dare to be the first, and pioneer and innovate. To be good and competent is to work with ideas and methods, be able to seek the overall focus, and promote the implementation of the work. Dare to take responsibility is to have a strong sense of the overall situation, to be enterprising, full of spirit, not to shy away when things go wrong, to dare to control, to be responsible. The outstanding performance is to promote the key work with obvious results, the work in charge (undertaking) has characteristics and performance, and the cadres and the public have a high degree of recognition. The majority of party members and cadres must always keep their original intentions in mind, keep their mission in mind, sharpen in major struggles, and practice in their own posts, and effectively strengthen ideological training, political experience, practical training, and professional training, and continuously improve their realms and their own qualities and abilities. The party and the state share their concerns and solve the problems for the people.
Leading cadres who dare to perform good deeds must rely on their own experience, as well as environmental influence and mechanism encouragement. Since last year, the Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee have successively introduced opinions and measures to encourage cadres in the new era and take on new actions. Starting from the level of the system and mechanism, they have issued mobilization orders to cadres who dare to take good actions. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China clearly stated that it is necessary to improve the incentive mechanism to act, and promote the leadership of cadres at all levels to strengthen their learning skills, political leadership skills, reform and innovation skills, scientific development skills, law-based governance skills, mass work skills, and pay close attention to Implement the ability, control the risk ability, carry forward the spirit of struggle, strengthen the ability to fight. The spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session further provided guidance and direction for the city to vigorously train and select cadres who "dare to do good deeds."
Adhere to strict control and love, and promote the "daring to do good deeds" cadres to stand out. Party committees (groups) at all levels must conscientiously implement the principle of managing cadres by the party, adhere to good cadre standards, improve the implementation of the "Dare to Do Good" cadre discovery and identification mechanism that combines centralized investigation and daily understanding, and truly discover good seedlings in time. Earnestly study and implement the "Regulations on the Assessment of Party and Government Leading Cadres", establish and improve the system of governing and educating people, and use accurate assessments to promote cadres to perform their duties and perform their duties. Adhere to political supervision as the primary responsibility, continue to strengthen the performance of due diligence and supervision as the situation, continue to promote the "non-action and inaction" special rectification, and make cadres used to work and live in a supervised and restricted environment. Fully implement the opinions and measures of the Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee on further encouraging cadres to take on new roles and actions, and clearly support the leaders, protect them, and praise them. Intensify the adjustment of unsuitable cadres, and timely adjust the organization of some cadres who are not suitable for their posts and perform poorly, to allow those who are not suitable to move, to lose positions, and to advance to the advanced Strive for advancement in the middle, advance more advanced, and create a good atmosphere of hard work to catch up.

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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