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Injecting Capital Power into the Construction of Beautiful Countryside ——Observation on Beautiful Countryside Construction in the City

发布者: 隋意 |查看: 4734 | |来自: 随州日报 2019-12-17 09:44 | Posted by: Sui Yi | Views: 4734 | | From: Suizhou Daily
Suizhou Daily Full Media Reporter Bao Dongli Trainee Reporter Yang Yifan
Since the beginning of this year, the city has taken the "four major ecological projects" and "village clean-up actions" as its carriers to improve the rural living environment, consolidate the foundation of beautiful villages, and promote quality construction in Suizhou.
The construction of a beautiful countryside requires "real money" investment. "Toilet revolution", garbage treatment, sewage treatment, village greening, dilapidated house reconstruction, industrial revitalization, etc. These all require a large amount of capital investment.
Where does the money come from? The "Five-year Plan for the Construction of Suizhou's Beautiful Rural Areas " proposes that: on the basis of ensuring the continuity of existing investments, actively seek provincial-level financial funds for the construction of beautiful rural areas; municipal-level finances will implement the "reward for supplements" for creation work Governments of all counties (cities and districts) must coordinate related agricultural funds and increase investment; encourage local governments to innovate rural infrastructure investment and financing systems and mechanisms, and attract social capital participation through various means.

Play a leading role in government
At the beginning of December, the high-standard vegetable greenhouses in Xiaohegou Village, Wandian Town, Zengdu District were warm as spring, and the eggplants were growing well.
Outside the shed, in the fields of Guangxi, 20 solar greenhouses were lined up. "Early this year, we formulated a plan for the construction of a 2,000-mu modern agricultural demonstration base for poverty alleviation. The government coordinated funding to build a 100-mu high-standard eighth-generation greenhouse in Xiaohegou Village, and a 2,000-mu standardized vegetable greenhouse modern vegetable greenhouse industrial base." Li Hui, the secretary of the Dianzhen Party Committee, said that through a few years, the demonstration will promote the planting of 10,000 acres of vegetable greenhouses in the town, drive ordinary households to become rich, and realize the development trend of "hundred acres demonstration, thousands acres leading, 10,000 acres upgrading".
Under the "baton" of the government's leading role, the "footsteps" of beautiful rural construction continue to accelerate. Changjia Town's Jiajia Village invested 3 million yuan to complete the packaging reform of two small market towns. Lidian Town, Guangshui City invested more than 500,000 yuan to configure waste sorting buckets and transfer vehicles. Sui County Wanfudian Farm Heilongkou Village invested more than 7.38 million yuan to the village. Carry out infrastructure construction ... Deeply follow the villages, towns and villages in Suizhou, the reporter saw that the infrastructure construction in various places is constantly improving and the living environment is constantly improving. Many towns and villages are exerting their initiative and actively integrating various projects and funds. , Put into the "main battlefield" of beautiful rural construction, highlight the key points, and promote overall.
In the process of constructing beautiful countryside, our city has continuously strengthened the guarantee of funds. The municipal government financed the rural toilet revolution and the innocuous treatment of rural waste with a prize fund of 10 million yuan and a bond fund of 10 million yuan to promote the consolidation and improvement of safe drinking water in rural areas; The Municipal Urban Management and Law Enforcement Committee raised funds from various sources and invested a total of 850 million yuan in waste management. In line with the county ’s innovative government support method, in accordance with the idea of “multiple channels to divert water and one leader to release water”, the integration of various types of agricultural funds was strengthened. Improve the ability to guarantee funds; Zengdu District took the lead in setting up the "Village Revitalization Development Investment Co., Ltd." in the province to raise funds for rural revitalization and development through unified river sand resource management rights and other methods. At present, 120 million yuan has been raised for the construction of beautiful villages. Guangshui City, through the PPP model, invested 378 million yuan in the construction of a daily waste incineration plant of 600 tons ...
Because of the stability of government investment, the low profit-seeking, and the guarantee of national macro-control objectives, compared to private investment, government investment often makes the best choice. Therefore, with a long-term view, the construction of beautiful rural areas should play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market while giving better play to the role of the government.

Attract social capital into the village
Only the wealth of the people has the beauty of the village. Participation of the private economy is indispensable in the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and the promotion of the construction of beautiful countryside.
Taoyuan Village, Wushengguan Town, Guangshui City, is located at the foot of Wusheng Pass, one of the nine famous gates in the country. It has a simple style and honest folk customs. In recent years, the village has made the persimmon tree a "picture", a stone house exhibition "new charm", a Guanzhai can "talk", and let folk customs "glorious". The ancient style and new charm have attracted many tourists. Many foreign merchants also saw the good development prospects of Taoyuan Village and came to invest in the industry. Luo Dan Wedding Studio invested 5 million yuan in Taoyuan Village to create a wedding photography location base; Gengjin Hotel invested 8 million yuan to build a "flaming years" resort villa.
Sui County Wanfudian Farm Fenghuangshan Village has polished the "gold card" of beautiful rural construction and realized "Phoenix Nirvana" in accordance with the development concept of "adjusting to local conditions, focusing on building, highlighting features, and highlighting highlights". At the same time, the village vigorously implemented industrial cultivation projects, introduced agro-optical complementary projects, and cooperated with Aikang Company to build a 20 MW ground distributed agricultural greenhouse solar photovoltaic power generation base with a total investment of 160 million yuan and an area of 730 acres; and Shandong Shengbo Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. plans to transfer 30,000 acres of land within three years to build a nursery production and R & D base in Central and South China. In cooperation with Shandong Shengbo Company, it will invest 250 million yuan to develop global tourism ... The village is moving from traditional planting to one, two, and three. Industrial integration and development.
The government invests in infrastructure construction. In the process of creating beautiful villages, it actively uses local characteristic resources to introduce social capital to participate in it, and “adds bricks and tiles” to the construction of beautiful villages. At the same time, there is another group that cannot be ignored, that is, capable people and wise men.
The local entrepreneurs in the village have more hometown feelings. In the vast countryside, more and more talented people return home to participate in village governance and invest in the construction of hometown. With the villagers who went out of Baojiaxiang Village, Junchuan Town, County, Wu Guangsheng, the chairman of Huaxun Ark Group, donated 360,000 yuan for the environmental improvement of the village; Li Huali, a successful person outside Guangshui, invested 36 million yuan to return to his hometown. The Guangshui Huali Noodle Industry Co., Ltd. was used to drive more than 100 people from surrounding farmers to work; Huajian Village, Hedian Town, Zengdu District, please "return" to Zhan Hongsheng and Chinese media who have started a business outside the country to build Huahua Ecological Agriculture Cultural Tourism Industrial Park ...
With family and nostalgia as the ties, attracting foreign talents to return to their hometowns to invest, more local entrepreneurs in the village are actively involved in hometown construction and investment in collective enterprises.

Rural reforms activate "endogenous motivation"
The wide cement road leads to the door of the house, clean tap water is led to the side of the pan, and the concentrated edible fungus greenhouse is viewed from a distance, just like white "workshops". The beautiful rural construction of Meizigou Village in Gaocheng Town shows a new look.
"Partially funded in the village, partly assisted by village units, and partly supported by policy, environmental rectification work can be carried out quickly," said He Gaosheng, secretary of the Party Branch of Meizigou Village. In 2017, the village completed the collective property rights reform. After the shares were quantified, the villagers were allowed to hold shares, and a joint-stock economic cooperative was established to drive industrial development. "Completing the share reform, the village collective assets are more flexible and effectively solve the problem of 'empty shells' of village collective income. At the same time, villagers become 'shareholders' and obtain stable income."
During the construction of beautiful countryside, the reporter found that some villages attach importance to ecological environment management and village appearance and village appearance transformation, but collective economic development is relatively weak. The continuous increase of farmers' income lacks a solid foundation, and the sustainable development of beautiful rural construction lacks stamina.
How to mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers? In recent years, the city has deepened the rural reform and activated the "endogenous drive" for rural revitalization.
The reform of the rural collective property rights system has further revitalized land resources, awakened the "sleepy" resources of the vast rural areas, and cultivated many diversified new agricultural business entities.
As of March 2019, the city's farmers' professional cooperatives reached 4,290, and the city's family farms reached 1,208. These new-type agricultural operators have rooted in the countryside and strengthened the collective economy. At the same time, they have driven the villagers to "off-off" and provided a source of power for the construction of a beautiful countryside.

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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