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Fuhe Township Primary School Launches "Legal System into Campus" Activity

发布者: 梦回吹角连营 |查看: 1390 | |来自: 随州日报 2019-12-26 08:34 | Publisher: Dreamback Blowing Angle Company
Suizhou Daily (correspondent Yao Shixiong) In order to guide the majority of minors to establish the concept of legislation and rule of law, develop behavioral habits of observing disciplines and laws, and improve the awareness of self-protection of minors, recently, Fuhe Township Primary School in Zengdu District invited the government Hezhen police station legal propaganda staff went to school to carry out legal propaganda and held lectures on popularizing law.
The propagandist combines the real cases he encountered in his work, and uses light and humorous language to incorporate legal knowledge into the familiar stories of children. The types of bad behavior against minors, the typical cases of minors with high incidence of crimes, crimes Inducements and how minors protect themselves are explained in simple terms, warning students of the dangers of illegal acts and the importance of crime prevention, in order to cultivate the rule of law thinking of teachers and students and improve their ability to distinguish right from wrong. The atmosphere of the event was lively and enthusiastic, and the interaction was frequent, with great results.
This legal education activity on campus has not only increased the awareness of law and law among teachers and students, but also further strengthened the students 'awareness of law and the rule of law, and promoted students' consciousness and initiative in complying with laws and regulations. Campus construction provides strong support for the rule of law.

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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