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Agricultural Bank Suizhou Development Zone Sub-branch Upgraded to Tier 1 Sub-branch

发布者: 梦回吹角连营 |查看: 1333 | |来自: 随州日报 2019-12-27 08:37 | Publisher: Dreamback Blowing Angle Company | View: 1333 | | From: Suizhou Daily
Suizhou Daily News (correspondent Du Yuan) On the morning of the 24th, the Agricultural Bank of China Suizhou Development Zone Branch held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and officially announced its establishment, taking a more solid step on the road to supporting local economic development.
In order to better serve the local economic development, we will make every effort to promote the construction of Suizhou High-tech Zone. In May 2015, the Agricultural Bank of China Suizhou Branch established the Suizhou Development Zone Sub-branch. In the past 4 years, the Agricultural Bank Suizhou Development Zone Sub-branch has given full play to its own advantages, continuously improved service levels, practiced corporate social responsibility, built high-quality financial brands, achieved the same development with customers and shared prosperity with the society, and helped to promote the economic development of high-tech zones. Due contribution.
The person in charge of the bank stated that it will take "upgrade" as an opportunity to take a new starting point, make good use of new advantages, show new looks, and show new actions. It will continue to grow in support of the real economy and boost local development, and increase credit support, Rich financial products are introduced and new ones are introduced. The Agricultural Bank Development Zone Sub-branch will continue to serve the economy and the people's livelihood, continue to innovate financial services, comprehensively improve financial service capabilities and levels, and promote the development of the economic, social and people's livelihood in the new zone.

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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