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Suizhou High-tech Zone issued the first batch of supervision recommendations

发布者: 梦回吹角连营 |查看: 1897 | |来自: 随州日报 2019-12-27 08: 46 | Publisher: Dreamback Blowing Horn Company | View: 1897 | | From: Suizhou Daily
Suizhou Daily News (full media reporter Chen Yun and special reporter Jin Miao) Recently, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committee of Suizhou High-tech Zone issued a supervision proposal to a unit in Luohe Town, asking the town to supervise a village to strictly implement the "four discussions and two open" system Better to trust the people. It is reported that since this year, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission of the High-tech Zone has issued 2 supervision proposals, and the Luohe Town Discipline Inspection Commission has issued 1 disciplinary inspection proposal.
This year, the Municipal Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission renamed the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission of Suizhou High-tech Zone and assigned relevant supervision functions. The Commission took this as a new starting point, effectively fulfilled the supervision function, strengthened the investigation and punishment, and changed the focus of previous investigations. Supervision, emphasis on accountability, and rectification, put an end to “one investigation” and “one question”, pay more attention to the quality and effectiveness of supervision and accountability, and supervision and investigation and disposal. Supervision should also improve the long-term mechanism, predict risk points, plug system loopholes, promote "same-approval measures," and promote the anti-corruption development from "do not dare to rot" to "cannot do, do not want to rot".
The monitoring proposal issued this time is based on the selection of typical cases, pinpointing the lesions, analyzing the root causes, and summarizing the laws. It is a "medical solution" to grasp common problems and point directly to the "micro-corruption" lesions at the grassroots level. Supervisory measures that work well suggest that both the symptoms and the root causes be supervised and resolved to solve the problem of "micro-corruption" at the grassroots level.

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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