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Beijing Youth Daily: What is the crux of the physical education teacher's "being sick"

发布者: 梦回吹角连营 |查看: 1251 | |来自: 北京青年报 2019-12-27 10:14 | Posted by: Dreamback Blowing Angle Camp | View: 1251 | | From: Beijing Youth Daily
Original title: What is the crux of the physical education teacher's "being sick"

Do you remember physical education in school? How many times can you see a physical education teacher in a semester? Recently, a physical education teacher exposed his "humble" chat record-physical education classes are often occupied by teachers in other subjects for various reasons, and can only helplessly and awkwardly reply "good". As soon as this chat record came out, many netizens resonated and everyone showed their experiences. For example, some netizens said that they should be the one with the best physique, but they were often "ill" in the end! ("Yangzi Evening News" on December 26)

Seeing this "humble" chat record, many people couldn't help but grin. Of course, this chat record that occurred in the WeChat group cannot be seen by ordinary people, but the section about "sports teacher is sick" is full of memories of studying. Some netizens recalled that when they were in school, "the head teacher had to say that the physical education teacher couldn't be sick when he was in high school, and then we saw the physical education teacher jumping goats with other teachers at the playground." This situation seems to have met.

Some people say that in the current education system, physical education teachers can be described as the biggest "back pot guy". For example, the enduring slogan, "Your math is taught by a physical education teacher". The physical education teacher cannot even guarantee his own lessons. Even his students can't see a few faces. This pot is too wrong. Facing the heavy educational reality, the PE teacher can only sigh "I'm too difficult."

Behind the humbleness of the PE teacher is the humbleness of the PE class. Regarding the importance of physical education, the phrase "the effect of physical education lies in strengthening bones and bones, increasing knowledge, adjusting emotions, and strengthening will", which has already been made clear. Earlier, a circle of friends posted an article by Li Daokui, director of the China and World Economic Research Center at the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University and a PhD in economics from Harvard University. Li Daokui found a phenomenon that the western elite universities attach great importance to training students with sports background, and many successful people in the world are professional or amateur sports athletes. It can be said that an education that does not attach importance to sports must be a problematic education. Such education is difficult to cultivate the mass of talents required by the times.

Can you say that sports are not valued now? Are there fewer sports regulations introduced over the years? Football goes to school, swims to school, runs to school ... requirements and initiatives, one by one. And in the current test setup, there is also a place for sports. For example, in the middle school entrance examination in many places, there are sports scores. Many cities have made a lot of additions to sports, not only put forward some special requirements, but also paid a lot of money. Many schools' sports facilities have been replaced by shotguns, and have been substantially improved.

However, the heated discussion that "sports teacher is sick" indicates that there are still many problems in physical education. It is necessary to cure the root cause of illness and the root cause of disorder. This is certainly good, but in many cases, can we find "root" and "ben" and can we completely solve the problem of "root" and "ben"? As far as physical education is concerned, the disadvantage is fact, but starting from the problem-solving ideas, there are still many options to choose from. For example, doing a good job of forming consensus and implementing the rules of formation can greatly change the situation of sports.

The humble essence of PE teachers is calcium deficiency in education. There are two ways to solve the human body's calcium deficiency. One is to adjust internally and improve the mechanism, which is more difficult. The other is to treat diseases and force them to go outside, which is relatively easy. For today's education, reform is of course important, but it is even more important to implement the decisions made by the consensus reached. I am afraid that some people will give up the improvement efforts on the grounds of reform, and they are even more afraid to push all the problems to the reform.

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