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Hebei ice and snow sports is on fire

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On December 23, skaters participated in the 2019 Zhangjiakou Speed Skating Competition.
Photo by Lu Lin

Core reading

This year, Hebei will promote ice and snow sports in all parts of the province, and pay close attention to the three key links of "who goes to ski", "who will teach" and "where to go." Work, strengthen various guarantees, and accelerate the popularization of ice and snow sports.

Since the beginning of winter, from Yanshan and Taihang to the shores of the Bohai Sea, ice and snow sports have been in full swing in Yanzhao. This year, Hebei will promote ice and snow sports in all parts of the province, and pay close attention to the three key links of "who goes to ski", "who will teach" and "where to go." Work, strengthen various guarantees, and accelerate the popularization of ice and snow sports. This winter, Hebei organized 100 counties and tens of thousands of people to participate in the ice and snow games. The province has organized more than 2100 events of various types of ice and snow events, which has led more than 15 million people to participate in ice and snow sports.

Mobilize youth participation

In order to solve the problem of "who goes skating", in the second half of this year, Hebei Province launched a wide range of ice and snow competitions around the masses to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of young people to participate. Snow and ice knowledge competitions, snow football promotion and other snow and ice sports enter campus activities.

On December 21, the first Ice and Snow Games (Chengde Division) of Hebei Province started. Nearly 500 athletes participated in the competitions of speed skating, ice hockey and cross-country skiing. Among them, the ice hockey competition started at the Chengde Ice Sports Center. The competition consisted of only the youth group. 138 athletes from 9 city teams participated. The athletes were all under 12 years old.

In November, Baoding selected team members from various elementary schools in the city to form a city youth hockey team. Eleven-year-old Gao Zi'an was selected through layers and entered the hockey team for training.

At first he was a bit uncomfortable and fell several times. "Ice hockey has to hold the pole and watch the ball with the light. If you just stare at the ball, you can't see the person in front of it, you can't escape or break through." However, with the basics of roller skating, it only took more than 10 minutes He found the feeling and adapted to the rhythm of the hockey.

It only took more than a month from joining the team to participating in the provincial competition. The day before the game, Gao Zi'an and his father arrived in Chengde. Gao Zi'an is not nervous: "Playing with a hockey stick and colliding with the opponent is very interesting. Especially wearing protective clothing is like wearing an armor."

Strengthening coaching team training

In order to solve the "who will teach" problem, Hebei Province has strengthened the training of ice and snow teachers, strengthened the construction of ice and snow sports social sports instructors, established provincial and 11 municipal ice and snow sports associations, and cultivated 3,383 professional ice and snow social sports instructors 13,605 public welfare instructors, providing better guidance and services for the general public to participate in ice and snow sports.

Liu Xiaoyi, executive vice chairman of the Chengde Ice and Snow Roller Sports Association, is also a professional ice and snow roller skating coach. More than 70 professional coaches from the Chengde Ice and Snow Roller Sports Association, including him, usually teach both students and physical education teachers. The latter is The backbone of the ice sports social sports instructor team.

This year, Liu Xiaoyi was very busy. "Going to train physical education teachers in school, not only to teach them how to skate, but more importantly to teach them how to teach children." On the one hand, we must explain the knowledge and skills to the teacher in detail, such as the origin of roller skating and professional terms, what "Shifting the center of gravity" and "stretching the legs sideways"; on the other hand, inspire the teacher to teach in a way that is suitable for children, like playing a game. "Speak to elementary school students, 'inner blades,' flat blades, 'outer blades', lower grade students may not understand. But tell the children to put their feet in, and they will understand."

"After we train the physical education teachers, they will start ice-snow sports-related courses when they return to school." Liu Xiaoyi said.

Improve facilities for ice and snow fields

At the Wanlong Ski Resort in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou, dozens of white snow trails are inlaid in the rolling hills. Tourists are dressed in ski suits of different colors and colorful in the sun. "During this time, there were thousands of people on the snow during the day." Gu Maolin, deputy general manager of Wanlong Ski Resort, looked at the bustling crowd.

Gu Maolin is a ski enthusiast, and he was fascinated by alpine skiing abroad in his early years. In recent years, with the perfect construction of domestic ice and snow stadium facilities, there are more and more high-standard ski resorts. Gu Maolin quit his original job and came to Wanlong Ski Resort as deputy general manager.

In order to solve the problem of “where to go”, Hebei Province has accelerated the construction of ice and snow venues this year, and strives to achieve the full coverage of standard indoor ice skating venues in cities and Xiong'an New District by the end of 2020. Reached 80.

For ski resorts, there are more tourists, which reduces the operating costs of ice and snow venues, but it also brings a new test to the capacity of ice and snow venues.

Skiing projects are dangerous. Ski resorts must first ensure the safety of tourists. They need to implement high standards, strict requirements and implement the facilities environment, operation management and staff training. At the same time, skiing is a sport with technical requirements. The ski resort should pay attention to developing a professional coaching team to help guests quickly master the skills. "This requires us to continuously improve our reception capacity, service quality and safety management." Gu Maolin said.

Nowadays, the ice and snow sports are on fire, which has also promoted the development of surrounding tourism, catering and other industries. "A lot of tourists come to the ski resort to rent snow clothes and gear. After skiing, they will rest and eat, and some will stay for one night. This requires us to provide supporting accommodation, shopping and shopping services. Having a place is not enough. It is also necessary to continuously improve management and services, enhance the experience of participants, and expose people to ice and snow, and fall in love with ice and snow. "Gu Maolin said.

People's Daily (15th edition, December 27, 2019)

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