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797 poverty-stricken households in Shazhou District of Jingzhou have leading industries-"Industrial Poverty Alleviation Instructors" help increase income

发布者: 隋意 |查看: 1238 | |来自: 湖北日报 2019-12-30 09:53 | Publisher: Sui Yi | View: 1238 | | From: Hubei Daily

Hubei Daily full media reporter Luo Xuwen correspondent Dong Ming Huang Xiaojing

On December 27, Cai Ruofei, a poor household in Zhangchang Village, Cenhe Town, Shacheng District, Jingzhou City, finished his lunch and took scissors to his yellow peach field to start pruning. "Ms. Wang said in the WeChat group yesterday that this is the critical period of winter management of Huangtao, and asked us to seize the time to cut branches." Cai Ruofei said while trimming, feeling that the mobile phone was vibrating, felt it out, and Mr. Wang was in the group again "Instructions", everyone should quickly dry the disease and insect pests and remove weeds and loose soil while the weather is fine.

Cai Ruofei is 42 years old. He has had a heart bypass surgery and cannot do heavy work. There are five people in the family and no labor. He planted acres of yellow peaches under the guidance of Mr. Wang in the previous two years. This year, he started to bear fruit, earning 30,000 yuan, and the net income of 20,000 yuan, which can basically satisfy the family life.

"Mr. Wang" is called Wang Jiacheng. He is an agricultural technician and now he opens a farm shop. He set up two WeChat groups, including yellow peach planting and shrimp and rice continuous cropping, to pull in all the poor households in the village, and send notifications to the group in advance every critical period of management. "Nearby, I will tell them to come to my house to show them to them. If they stay away, I will go to their fields and talk to anyone who meets them." Wang Jiacheng said, whoever asks questions in the WeChat group, He will come to serve.

There are 140 poor households in the village, 46 families planting more than 300 acres of yellow peach, and the yield per acre is more than 5,000 kilograms. This year's sales are a bit difficult. Wang Jiacheng opened an online shop as an e-commerce company. He invited a TV reporter to live broadcast to pick and invited vendors to purchase yellow peaches from farmers. This year, the village ’s yellow peaches are not slow-selling.

"I'm not so busy taking the poor households on the road." Wang Jiacheng said that after the poor households became rich, they would buy more agricultural materials and increase their agricultural business.

Unlike Wang Jiacheng's agricultural technicians, Zhang Yuyuan is a large breeding farmer in Zhelin Village, Guanyin'ao Town, and is also the village's deputy secretary. The two and the village's deputy director Li Tianfang have been designated as industrial poverty alleviation instructors and are responsible for the 27 poverty-stricken households in the village.

On December 26, Wen Dingwu, a poor household in the village, found Zhang Yuyuan and asked him what to do with moss growing in the shrimp paddy field. "If you want to fertilize water in winter, you must quickly fertilize it, about 30 kilos per acre." Zhang Yuyuan said that in winter, the rice field is clear and transparent, and it is easy to breed moss when the sun comes out. The water temperature cannot keep up, and the shrimp are not growing quickly. On the same day, Zhang Yuyuan telephoned Jiayi with the village farmer's dealer and asked him to drag 600 kg of fertilizer to Wuding Wuding tomorrow.

Crawfish sales in 2019 are not good, but Wendingwu's 20-mu shrimp paddy field still has a net income of more than 50,000 yuan. "If it wasn't for Zhang Yuyuan's guidance, I would certainly not have sold so much money this year." Wen Dingwu said.

"The local experts must not only understand the technology, but also the market. The industrial poverty alleviation instructor must not only guide the poor households to develop their industries, but also help them sell agricultural products." Said Huang Linlin, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of Shacheng District. Since 2018, Shacheng District has selected agricultural technicians and large-scale farmers as instructors for industrial poverty alleviation, to achieve full coverage of poor households in poor villages, and teach poor households to raise shrimp and grow fruits and vegetables. This year, 797 poverty-stricken households in Shacheng District have leading industries, forming a pattern of poverty alleviation with characteristic industries such as shrimp-rice co-cropping, shrimp-lily symbiosis, and fruit and vegetable planting.

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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