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"I want to withdraw from poor households"-four requests from Zeng Liyuan, a 70-year-old member of Liyang

发布者: 隋意 |查看: 1078 | |来自: 农村新报 2019-12-30 19:43 | Posted by: Sui Yi | Views: 1078 | | From: Rural News

"Now things are getting better, I can rely on myself, and I want to quit poor households!" On July 8th, Zeng Liyuan, a 70-year-old party member of the Party Branch of Maohe Village, Ye Daxiang, once again asked the village ’s first secretary and the “Four Doubles” to help Feng Wenhui, the leader of the support team, made a request.

This is Zeng Liyuan's fourth request to the two village committees to quit poor households. Zeng Liyuan is a villager in the third group of Maohe Village. He has a 32-year party age and 3 children under his knee. Because his wife is often sick, the cost of hospitalization and medication is high, and his family is very poor.

"Well, you want to withdraw from the poor households. I and you are hard-headed accounts. Your annual income is only 5,000 yuan, which fully meets the standards of poor households!" Feng Wen would be a little anxious and a little puzzled.

“Zeng Liyuan's family used to grow wheat and corn, and the annual income was only more than 4,000 yuan.” The party family secretary of Maohe Village Party Party interrupted. Relevant policies such as industrial support. However, he considers that he is active and unwilling to trouble the government. Since April 2015, he has submitted applications for withdrawal from poor households every year. "

"Although I'm not affluent these days, I'm much stronger than in the past and don't need help. Don't believe me, go to my house to see." Zeng Liyuan insisted.

In the afternoon, accompanied by the party's family school, all-media reporters from rural new media came to Zeng Liyuan's house located on the mountainside. The three adobe houses were neatly packed, but there was no decent furniture in the room, a portrait of Chairman Mao was affixed to the wall, and several "excellent Communists", "advanced workers" and "model party leaders" Certificate of merit.

"You see, these are the 11 boxes of bees I keep. Now a pound of honey can sell for 50 yuan, and the annual income is more than 5,000 yuan." He pointed to the belly in the yard and said, "This can also be sold. 200 yuan, I also raised two pigs and 32 chickens. "

"I can really get rid of poverty myself, and I don't need help." Zeng Liyuan kept saying this.

"He is such a person. He never bothers the government and does not talk about difficulties. But the villagers have difficulties and he always tries to help." Neighbor Zhang Mingqiang introduced that in 2016, the village was affected by disasters. Zeng Liyuan looked around the fields of other villagers, but kept silent about his own disaster. Later, the party family school found that Zeng Liyuan was not reported after the disaster, but he said, "Other villagers were affected by a larger area than me, and they need more help."

Zeng Liyuan suffers from high blood pressure and has worked hard for many years without stopping. "On one occasion, he had a high blood pressure and fell into a corn field. Fortunately, his neighbor discovered it in time and called a village doctor."

"The children are married and they can help me. My bones are tough and I can exercise even if I do some work. Now I have some money in my hand and I can repair the house for another two years." Zeng Liyuan said, "Your cadres They are people, and their energy is also limited. There are still some people in the village who need your help. I am too old to lead the people out of poverty, but I ca n’t trouble the party or the government. Believe me, I can lift myself out of poverty! " "You are a good example for us to study! By the end of the year, your income has stabilized, exceeding the poverty line, and I am the first to agree that you be excluded from the list of poor households!" The Party Family School held Zeng Liyuan's hand tightly.

(Rubber News correspondent Dong Yuanyuan correspondent Zhang Jun)

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