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Capital Function Core District Draft Control Regulations Reveal Old City Protection and Upgrade

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Core reading

How to build a functional core area of the capital with excellent government environment, outstanding cultural charm and first-class living environment?

On the 30th, the "Detailed Regulatory Detailed Planning of Capital Functional Core Areas (Block Level) (2018-2035)" (draft) started publicity. Two axes, one city, and one ring have a distinct spatial structure; three major positionings highlight the central government's function guarantee; the word security guarantees the overall protection and upgrading of the old city; livability indicators, and the improvement of people's livelihood ... A blueprint is underway.

On December 30, the “Controlled Detailed Planning of the Capital Function Core Area (Block Level) (2018-2035)” (draft) was officially launched for 30 days at the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall in Qianmen, and at the same time in the East There are 32 “micro exhibition halls” in 17 streets in the urban area and 15 streets in the Xicheng area. They listen to public opinions and suggestions in various aspects.

The core functional area of the capital is located in two districts, Dongcheng District and Xicheng District, with a total area of 92.5 square kilometers. The draft plan gives three strategic positioning: "It is the core carrying area of the national political center, cultural center and international communication center, and a historical and cultural city The key areas for protection are important window areas for displaying the image of the national capital. "

Through this draft, the blueprint for the future of the capital's core functional areas is ready.

● Create an excellent government environment and put it first

How to build the core functional area of the capital? There are three main points in the new Beijing City General Rules approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council: excellent government environment, prominent cultural charm and first-class living environment.

"These three tasks give distinctive features to the core functional area of the capital." Shi Xiaodong, deputy director of the Beijing Urban Planning and Design Institute, said.

"As the core functional area of the capital, it is first and foremost to create an excellent environment for government affairs," said Yang Baojun, president of the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design.

Experts summarized the characteristics of the draft plan into six highlights-"emphasize the guarantee of central government functions, highlight the overall protection of the old city, highlight the improvement of people's livelihood, highlight the shaping of space charm, highlight the non-capital function dissolution, and highlight the protection and renewal of neighborhoods.

The draft proposes: building an orderly and highly efficient national hub; a thousand-year-old ancient capital that blends ancient, modern, and ritual-music; a well-known cultural city surrounded by blues and greens; a livable urban district with functional integration and internal and external linkages; harmony, tranquility, and elegance Oriental Habitat Picture.

The urban spatial structure of the core area is very distinct: two axes, one city and one ring.

"Two axes" refers to the central axis and Chang'an Street. The central axis is mainly based on cultural functions, showing the essence of traditional culture, and reflecting the charm of modern civilization. Chang'an Street is mainly based on the functions of national administration, culture, and international communication, reflecting the solemn, calm, heavy, and atmospheric image temperament. "One city" refers to the old city of Beijing. Promote the overall protection and revival of the old city, and build a representative area that bears the excellent traditional culture of China. "One ring" refers to the cultural landscape ring line along the second ring road. Build a park ring that showcases historical humanities and modern capitals.

"The function and image of the core functional area of the capital must be compatible with the national strength and image of our country. We must see what a big country's capital looks like, we must see what a capital of an ancient civilization looks like, and we must see a country that is moving towards revival. What the capital should look like. "Yang Baojun said.

● Overall protection and upgrading of the old city

"Strict implementation of the" old city can no longer be demolished "and adhere to the word" guarantee "", the overall protection of the old city is serious, rigorous and strict, and the specific refinement of the protection of streets, alleys, houses and trees has become a plan One of the highlights of the draft.

The draft plan delineates the three categories of ancient capital style protection area, ancient capital style coordination area and modern style control area. Strictly control the height of the building, strengthen the overall space shape characteristics of the old city, and protect the core composition of the old city, namely the two-axis, quadruple city profile, chessboard road network, six seas and eight waters, and nine temples and eight temples as a whole to protect and solidly advance Axis heritage protection. Promote the restoration of historical water systems and the construction of waterfront space, and create a water system pattern that reflects the sun and the moon across the six seas, and flows around Jinghua.

In order to allow people to experience Beijing for a long time, the draft proposes to protect 36 landscape sights between landmark buildings such as Wanshan Pavilion of Jingshan, Beihai White Pagoda, and Temple of Heaven. In the cultural essence area, 10 boutiques are proposed. Visit the line and unblock the historical context. Bian Lanchun, a professor at the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, believes that "this will leave a way for people to experience and feel Beijing in the long run."

In terms of cultural heritage, the objects of protection will be increased to 11 categories. On the basis of 9 types of cultural heritage protection objects such as world cultural heritage, immovable cultural relics, historical and cultural blocks, characteristic areas, and historic buildings proposed by the new General Regulations, the draft plan for the core area will include underground buried areas, historical streets, and traditional alleys , Traditional place names, historic gardens, revolutionary historical sites, etc. are included in the protection object.

At the same time, it will strengthen the comprehensive census of historical and cultural heritage, establish and improve the normalization mechanism of heritage registration protection; provide space for intangible cultural heritage to survive, spread and develop, and retain the nostalgia and memories of old Beijing.

The draft clearly requires the establishment of a district protection and renewal implementation mechanism for district-level co-ordination, street main body, department collaboration, professional force support, and broad public participation. The draft relies on 17 streets in Dongcheng District and 15 streets in Xicheng District to further divide 183 blocks. The reporter saw on the block map that the protection of each ancient tree and each historic building is marked in detail. "The draft plan implements all the control requirements to the neighbourhood." Li Xiaojiang, an expert of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative Development Expert Advisory Committee, said.

● "Old Neighborhoods" live a new life with a liveable environment

How to build the first-best district to become a world-class harmonious and livable capital? How to improve the quality of public services, public environment and infrastructure in built-up areas? How to make "old neighborhood" live a modern life? People-centered development thinking is particularly prominent in this draft plan.

The draft plan proposes to improve the community-block-street three-level public service living circle, optimize the allocation standard of public service facilities, and improve the livable level. Encourage the deployment of high-quality educational resources, institutional care facilities, and medical and health service facilities outside the core functional areas of the capital. "The public service system is all-aged to meet different public needs at different ages," said Yin Zhi, a professor at the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University.

Relevant livable indicators are very specific: the proportion of green trips is more than 85%; the population and job coverage of a 300-meter radius at a bus station reach 100%; the population and job coverage of a 800-meter radius at a metro station are more than 95%; the average commute time Reduced to less than 45 minutes; Basic medical and health institutions can reach basic full coverage in 15 minutes; Community elderly service stations can reach basic full coverage in 10 minutes; Public cultural facilities can reach basic full coverage in 15 minutes; National fitness facilities can reach basic full coverage in 15 minutes Coverage; per capita public green space increased by more than 25%, and small green spaces and pocket parks were added.

"Two thirds here is the old city. The draft focuses on how to make the old neighborhoods in the bungalow area live a new life." Said Li Guoping, president of the Capital Development Institute of Peking University. The draft proposes to improve the functions of bungalow courtyard storage, kitchen, bathroom, lighting, drying, parking, greening, etc., and improve the modernization of infrastructure. Strengthen the management of public housing rights in cottage areas, gradually promote application-type rent-offs and improve living conditions; establish a sustainable maintenance and renewal mechanism and encourage social forces to participate in protection and renewal. In terms of property, it is proposed to strengthen the leadership of party building, promote the deep integration of property management and grass-roots social governance, and improve the level of property service management.

Relevant responsible persons said that they will fully absorb everyone's opinions and suggestions, and truly use the satisfaction of the people to measure the results of urban planning and construction, so that the core functional area of the capital will become the first-class area of the world-class harmonious and livable capital.

People's Daily (December 31, 2019 02 edition)

(Responsible editor: Yue Hongbin)

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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