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Li Keqiang chaired executive meeting to optimize business environment and promote consumption expansion

发布者: 沐雨听风 |查看: 949 | |来自: 人民网 2019-12-31 09:19 | Publisher: Mu Yu Tingfeng | View: 949 | | From: People's Network

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 30. The Premier of the State Council, Li Keqiang, hosted an executive meeting of the State Council on December 30, and decided to phase out the professional qualifications of skilled personnel in level assessment and promote the recognition of socialized professional skill levels. Measures to better meet the needs of the masses; deployment to promote the upgrading of pedestrian streets, optimize the business environment and promote consumption expansion.

The meeting pointed out that in accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, we will deepen the reform of "decentralization of service", change the assessment of the level of skilled personnel from government recognition to implementation of socialization level recognition, and accept market and social recognition and inspection. This is a revolution that promotes the transformation of government functions and the formation of a market-oriented mechanism for the cultivation and use of skilled personnel, which is conducive to removing the constraints on the growth of skilled personnel and the promotion of the spirit of craftsmen, and to promote industrial upgrading and high-quality development. The meeting determined that starting from January 2020, in addition to firefighters and security inspectors, which are closely related to public safety and personal health, 7 types of work, such as firefighters and security inspectors, will be adjusted to occupational qualifications in accordance with the law. The professional qualifications of level-skilled technical personnel have all withdrawn from the national professional qualifications catalog, and are no longer recognized and issued by the government or their authorized units. At the same time, a vocational skill level system has been introduced, and national professional standards or evaluation specifications have been formulated and released. The unit conducts vocational skill level evaluation and issues certificates according to standards and specifications. The vocational qualification certificates of the skill personnel for level evaluation have been issued. The meeting called for the steady advancement of the existing vocational qualification implementation agencies to adjust their functions and make good work connections. Strengthen post-event and post-event supervision involving evaluation quality and charges.

The meeting pointed out that China has entered an aging society, with 250 million people aged over 60 years old. It is necessary to provide commercial insurance products that meet their needs, while improving the insurance supply of other groups. To this end, it is necessary to actively develop commercial insurance in the field of social services, provide support for a stronger response to aging, and meet other insurance protection needs of the masses. The meeting determined that the first is to accelerate the development of commercial endowment insurance and optimize the structure of endowment insurance. Drawing on international experience, we will support the development of diversified pension and annuity insurance products and medical and accidental injury insurance products that meet the needs of the elderly over 60 years old. Accelerate the development of commercial long-term care insurance. The second is to vigorously improve the quality of commercial insurance products and services. Encourage insurance institutions to adapt to consumer needs, provide comprehensive insurance products covering medical, care, fertility and other fields, and gradually incorporate new medical technologies and new products into health insurance. Develop insurance products for low-income groups and employees in new businesses. The third is to accelerate the opening of the insurance market to promote the upgrading of the insurance industry with fair competition.

The meeting pointed out that transforming and upgrading pedestrian streets, promoting the development of new formats and new models, and improving consumer shopping and leisure experiences are conducive to stimulating consumption, investment in urban construction, and employment. The meeting determined that on the basis of conducting pilot projects in some cities, it is necessary to promote the transformation and upgrading of pedestrian streets in an orderly and reasonable manner. First, we must adhere to the guidance of local governments, market leadership, and consumer choice. With more targeted policies and measures, develop the "small shop economy", create more employment opportunities, and promote the formation of a group of popular, strong, and culturally rich Walking street. Second, we must work harder to optimize the business and consumption environment, simplify examination and approval, innovative supervision, accelerate the convenience and intelligent transformation of supporting public facilities, and promote deep integration between online and offline. Third, we must adhere to local conditions, rational layout, pay attention to practical results, and prevent rushing up and image projects.

The meeting also studied other matters.

People's Daily (December 31, 2019, 01 edition)
(Responsible editor: Yue Hongbin)

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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