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Build "Growth Ladder" Forge "Growth Quality"

发布者: 隋意 |查看: 959 | |来自: 随州日报 2019-12-31 09:21 | Publisher: Sui Yi | View: 959 | | From: Suizhou Daily
——Side notes on the implementation of the “Young Cadres Growth Project” by the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
Zhang Qing, full media reporter of Suizhou Daily
The blossoming mushrooms blossomed in people's hearts like smiling faces.
On December 19, it became clear after the rain. The "Hometown of Chinese Mushrooms" welcomed a group of special guests in Jixiangsi Village, Sanligang Town, County. More than 20 young cadres organized by the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau came here to visit the planting base, listen to the situation and learn about the Suizhou mushroom industry. Past, present and future.
Move the classroom to the field and write the paper on the ground. Since 2017, the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau has organized young cadres of the system to conduct grassroots research for three consecutive years, leading everyone to save themselves, to increase their talents and long-term skills in learning and practice. The high-quality development of agricultural and rural work bolsters talent support.

Top-level architecture, building a "growth ladder"
The key to entrepreneurship is people. In recent years, the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau has introduced a large number of young talents through open recruitment. During the institutional reform this year, some young cadres also exchanged work with the municipal agricultural and rural bureau. They injected new strength into the development of agricultural and rural undertakings in our city.
"Young cadres are highly educated. They are knowledgeable, energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate. But because they have not been employed for a long time, they lack the focus on theory and practice, and they do not have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of Suizhou ’s agricultural and rural work. Life experience and social experience are not rich enough, which restricts the high-quality development of the work to a certain extent. "The person in charge of the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau said," Young cadres are the future of the cause, and the party group of the bureau is based on the current and long-term perspective, and vigorously promotes 'young people.' The "cadre growth project" has been included in the annual key work for three consecutive years. Through diversified and three-dimensional training, a team of young cadres with "political firmness, strong ability, strict style, pragmatic responsibility, and integrity" has been created. "
Entering enterprises, fields, farmers, podiums ... The Bureau is guided by the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategies, and carefully designs research topics and organizations around the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, poverty alleviation of agricultural industries, and other issues. Carry out a variety of colorful activities; carry out "teachers and apprentices", through the combination of learning and research, learning and application, learning and lecture, and other methods, continue to "pressurize and increase" for young people, to provide them with a stage for learning and growth.
Over the past three years, the party group of this bureau has organized more than 10 youth cadre study and research activities around edible fungi, high-quality rice, fruit vegetables, tea, and other characteristic industries and poverty alleviation, so that everyone can broaden their horizons, look for gaps, Make up shortcomings and improve your skills. The bureau's young cadres' business ability and comprehensive quality have been effectively improved, and many young cadres have grown into the backbone of their own.

Symptomatic remedy, supplement "calcium of ability"
"In 1978, Professor Yang Xinmei of Huazhong Agricultural University succeeded in experimentally cultivating wood shiitake mushrooms in the papaya garden of Yangjiapeng Village, which ignited the" Star Fire "that enriched the development of the mushroom industry in Suizhou ..." On December 19th, in Sanligang, Suixian County On the Shiitake Square in Jixiang Temple Village of the town, Zhang Guoyong, the party branch secretary of the village, explained the idea and brought everyone's thoughts back to 40 years ago.
On the same day, in the bureau ’s organization of young cadres to investigate the “Suizhou Mushroom” industry development activities, more than 20 young cadres visited the city ’s leading edible fungus company Hubei Changjiu Mushroom Industry Co., Ltd., and listened to the company ’s deputy general manager Huang Tianzhang on the mushroom cultivation technology Lectured, visited the company's production base, learned about the production process, scientific research and innovation; walked into the standardized mushroom cultivation bases in Jixiangsi Village, Liudian Village, Sanligang Town, and exchanged face-to-face with the person in charge of the base and farmers to understand the latest model and technology of mushroom cultivation Enter the Sui County Base of Yuguo Company and the mushroom sauce production workshop of Pinyuan Company to learn about the latest exploration and new results of intensive processing of Suizhou mushroom industry.
Research one topic at a time, with rich and diverse content. In designing the scheme, the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs closely integrates the growth characteristics of young cadres with the actual work of the city's agriculture and rural areas, and applies them to the situation to ensure that the results are achieved.
The design of the "courses" includes both "outdoor classrooms" in the field and "indoor classrooms" for centralized communication. Among the lecturers, there are leaders and experts in the agricultural and rural systems, as well as soil experts and rich leaders who have “deeply cultivated” in the agricultural production line for many years. They can be described as “connecting antennas and lowering ground gas”. In addition to on-site visits and teaching, seminars and exchanges were also arranged, and "after-class homework" (writing a research report) was arranged to test everyone's "eyepower" as well as "penpower" and "brainpower".
"The rural world has a lot to do. As a young cadre in the agricultural and rural system, not only must he go to school from books, he must also learn from the field, learn from leaders and industry pacesetters, and learn to make up for the" calcium of competence. " Be firm.

Comprehensive strategy, forging "growth quality"
" Suizhou City's Typical Materials for Industrial Poverty Alleviation", "Compilation of Young Cadres' Growth Project Learning Practice Activities" ... This is a thick document that "records" the solid growth "footprint" of the young cadres of the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau.
Industrial poverty reduction is the key to poverty alleviation. The Party Group of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs combined with the "Young Cadres Growth Project" to organize more than 20 young cadres in the entire system, sinking to 16 representative villages in the city's agricultural industry to eliminate poverty, and formed a batch of "anatomical sparrow" surveys. Research materials with clear themes and highlights. The Bureau, in conjunction with the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Office, compiled these 16 research materials into a book and gave them to all the poor villages in the city free of charge to provide guidance for their development of industrial poverty alleviation. On October 17 this year, the sixth National "Poverty Alleviation Day", the bureau organized a system of young cadres to visit Sandaohe Village, Caodian Town, Suixian County, a targeted poverty alleviation village, to carry out "precise poverty alleviation practices, and serve the three agricultural and agricultural missions" Activities and spent a meaningful day.
"By writing a research report, you can exercise your observation, thinking, and writing skills, and accelerate your growth into a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive talent." Said Dong Xuebin, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.
In the implementation of the "Young Cadres Growth Project", in addition to conducting research on the development of agricultural industries such as grain, oil, potato, fruit, vegetables, tea, and bacteria, the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau also combined the theme education of "do not forget the original intention and remember the mission". Carry out youth cadres seminars, volunteer activities, and so on; organize a series of activities such as youth preaching in conjunction with the study and implementation of the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, and let youth shine in the development of their careers.
Provide a stage for young cadres who want officers, capable officers, and accomplishments. In recent years, the Bureau has promoted and appointed a group of young cadres who possess both morals, talents, and a solid work style, allowing them to "pick up the girders" in important positions. Xu Feng, party secretary and director of the bureau, said that the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will be guided by the building of cadres and adhere to the principle of "having both morals and talents, one expertise and multiple abilities, practical training, and job success." The implementation of the revitalization strategy, the implementation of key industries such as "1 + 3 + N", and comprehensive measures to promote the growth of young cadres, forging a high-quality cadre team.

Supervisor: Suizhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

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